The Crows Nest

The Crow’s Nest Inn in Montauk is our favorite summer destination in the Hamptons. Chic with a laid-back vibe, the Crow’s Nest has a New England prepster-meets-bohemian flair that has become characteristic of new-wave Montauk: upscale and polished without going overboard.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce our Ivory Row/Crow’s Nest collaboration, starting with our limited-edition batik-print cashmere wrap. Inspired by the gorgeous indigo-dyed cloths of Africa and the lush blues of Yves Klein’s paintings, this luxurious wrap is perfect for any occasion — sunset beach walks, chilly Autumn weekends, winters by the fireplace, dinners out on the town, or lazy Sundays curled up on the couch.

Please note that this wrap is being sold on a limited pre-order basis. We're currently taking orders until August 30. Delivery will be 2-4 weeks after order placement.