Ivory Row is a collaboration between two friends and New York City fashion industry veterans who share a mutual love of luxury fashion.

Having spent our careers working with some of the biggest names in the industry, we had a vision of creating a company that wouldn't cater to the ever-changing whims of the latest fashion. In a world dominated by fast fashion and disposable clothing, we wanted to value quality over quantity, and style over trends.


It was then that we decided to launch Ivory Row, a collection of sweaters, knits and accessories made only with the most luxurious cashmere available. 

By circumventing traditional retail channels and selling to you directly through our site, we're able to provide unrivaled cashmere in quality and price. We use only the finest yarns and fabrics from the world's best suppliers, the same ones producing for the biggest names in fashion. That's how we're able to offer high-quality, timeless pieces at attainable prices. 

The concept of Ivory Row is about being a part of your life. We want our clothes to last for years, not seasons. We want you to wear them day into night, weekdays into weekends, season after season. We want you to appreciate the simply beauty of a special item that's designed to be modern, comfortable, effortless and timeless.