Yesterday, the first piece by the elusive street artist Banksy appeared in New York City. It was originally meant to be part of a brand new street project called "Better Out Than In." For the entire month of October, Banksy was planning on doing an entire art show based in New York City, treating the city's walls as his own canvas. 

For this project, the artist's sense of humor extends beyond the visual work on public walls. Much like going to a museum and having the opportunity to gain extra insight about a piece with a personal audio tour, Banksy provides a toll free number with an option number to accompany each work. Viewers are urged to dial the adjacent phone number for an audio recording to listen to that playfully pokes fun at this type of museum feature by stating the obvious along with a few witty remarks.

Within a day, the Banksy piece was redone by competitors.The original Banksy piece showed one kid standing on another kid's back, reaching up to grasp a spraycan that was on a sign reading "Graffiti Is a Crime." Last night, apparently, Smart Crew came along and replaced Banksy's sign with their own sign, showing their logo and reading "Street Art Is a Crime." 

And as of this morning, Animal New York tells us, "It's already gone." (See here.)

Art is ephemeral, yo.