The ocean saved my life. To sum up my past two years: surfing accident, brain tumor discovery, marriage, brain surgery, successful recovery, happy/healthy baby boy. I owe the ocean a lot. So, this past year, a little piece of me died each time I'd see a seal or dolphin wash up on the beach. Bad things are happening to our environment; and while terrorism, drugs, gun violence, and for the love of God, 401 traffic are all important topics, nothing will impact ALL of us like the lack of food, clean water and air (the rainforest produces roughly 28% of earth's oxygen--MARINE PLANT LIFE produces 70%!!). With this in mind, I need you to that I can help Greenpeace, a badass organization that goes to the nerve of the problem. 

This holiday season, I'm partnering with Ivory Row to help Greenpeace in their mission of using peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

For more than 30 years, Greenpeace has helped change the world and make it a better place. Their committed activists and supporters have come together to ban commercial whaling, convince the world’s leaders to stop nuclear testing, protect Antarctica, and so much more.

By partnering with Ivory Row, 15% of any sales made through this page will be donated to Greenpeace.

Please help us make a difference in the world (and get yourself some great cashmere in the meantime.) Shop my personally curated collection below and then use the following code to ensure that the donations are directed to Greenpeace. 

Charity meets cashmere? Talk about a do-good, feel-good shopping experience!