In the middle ages, churches would present plays every December 24th. Traditionally, the play would be the story of Adam, Eve & the Garden of Eden. Since apples were hard to find in winter, actors would use a pine tree branch and hang it with apples. This became a popular seasonal decoration, and people began decorating their homes with pine trees and red apples. Hence the origin of the Christmas Tree and the association of red and green with the holidays.

We hope that, in the spirit of the holidays, you’ll purchase one of our holiday sweaters for either you or your loved ones. And while we’re pleased to help spruce up your holiday wardrobe, we promise that there’s one thing you’ll never find at Ivory Row…ugly Christmas sweaters.

You hear us, Matt Damon?
Ombre Crewneck

$90.00 $245.00

Cozy Turtleneck

$112.50 $225.00

Ribbed Cardigan

$60.00 $250.00

Short Cardigan

$60.00 $240.00


$32.50 $65.00