Why Are Some Cashmere Sweaters So Expensive?

Via our good friends at InStyle Magazine comes a new article discussing why some cashmere is more expensive than others. Below is an excerpt: 

Here at InStyle, we love sweater weather. Whether we are opting for light, paper-thin styles to sport solo or chunky knits to layer over crisp oxfords, these chic basics are wardrobe essentials. And the coziest options happen to be cashmere. But, when shopping for these knits, the huge difference in prices can be extremely perplexing. For instance, you can buy a crewneck cashmere sweater from Uniqlo for as low as $49.90, whereas a ribbed cashmere knit from The Row costs $1,690. Why is one option so much cheaper than the other?
Quality is a tricky proposition.
There are three different grades of cashmere in terms of softness: A, B, and C. Grade A fibers are the best and most expensive, meaning they are the finest and thinnest. Grade B is slightly thicker than A, so it is less soft. Grade C is almost double the thickness of Grade A, which is significantly coarser. Unfortunately, cashmere garments never list grades on their labels, Cormier says. "You're not going to know what the grade is because the tag is going to say the country of origin and 100-percent cashmere," he explains. "Your best bet is to go with how it feels on the hand."
No matter the price, all sweaters pill.
Whether your cashmere sweater is $50 or closer to $2,000, all sweaters pill. "The fluffier or lighter the knit is, the more it will pill," Patmos says. So does that mean the cheaper the sweater is, the more likely it will pill? Not necessarily. "Sometimes cashmere is washed more times in the manufacturing process to be softer than its original form," she says, "so really soft sweaters at all prices will pill."
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