When we first heard that Gina Gershon was portraying Donatella Versace in Lifetime's House of Versace, we had two reactions: (1) No way would anyone even come close to approximating Maya Rudolph's hilarious impersonations, and (2) Lifetime? Really?

Well, after seeing the new trailer for the House of Versace, we gotta say, Gina Gershon looks amazing as Donatella. Like the teaser, the whole clip is set to Kanye's Yeezus track "I Am A God" and is basically one amazingly bitchy sound bite after another with Gershon-as-Donatella saying lines like "I was a girl in power since the day I was born",  "I am Versace!", and "I was always crazy even before the drugs." The requisite shots of sex-and-blow make brief appearances as does an amazing-looking Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot MeVeronica Mars) as Donatella's late brother and Versace founder, Gianni Versace. Raquel Welch also makes an appearance as Donatella's aunt, Lucia.

House of Versace premieres this Saturday at 8 pm on Lifetime

Ti amo, Donatella.