Banksy is back with a brand new street project in New York called "Better Out Than In." The elusive street artist plans to exhibit an entire art show on the streets of New York for the entire month of October. He has just revealed his first piece in Manhattan featuring two kids interacting with a sign that reads "GRAFFITI IS A CRIME."

For this project, the artist's work extends beyond the visual. Much like going to a museum and having the opportunity to gain extra insight about a piece with a personal audio tour, Banksy provides a toll free number to accompany each work. To hear the audio that corresponds to this first work, you can listen to it here or call the number yourself: 1 800 656 4271#1.

Banksy’s public pieces are often ripped from public walls -everywhere from England to California. Looters have sold these for millions at the auction block. Interestingly, this first piece has already been defaced and re-tagged. According to Animal NY, the local tag gang Smart Crew came along and replaced Banksy's sign with their own, showing their logo and reading "Street Art Is a Crime,"

As of this afternoon? The entire work has been completely tagged over

I guess it's really true what they say: art is ephemeral.