We sometimes forget how much we love Instagram as a visual medium for artists. It's easy to forget when our feed is filled up with photos of friends' cats, self-indulgent selfies, and food porn.

Yet, at its best, Instagram is a truly fantastic format for artists to share their output, their esthetic, and their obsessions. Familiar names in the Instagram directory include Wangechi MutuTakashi MurakamiKAWSRyan TrecartinErik ParkerBrooke Dunn ParkerDzineRenee CoxFriends with YouShepard FaireySofia MaldonadoZoe StraussOs Gêmeos, Aldo Chaparro and Sanford Biggers. Some of these artists’ feeds are more casual, some more curated, some more personal, some more promotional. Most are a mix of everything.

Here are some seven of our favorite artists on Instagram:

Banksy @banksyart

Gaia @gaiastreetart

Sam Horine @samhorine

Shepard Fairey: @obeygiant

Ai Weiwei: @aiww

Wangechi Mutu: @mutustudio

Daniel Arsham: @daniel_arsham

Aldo Chaparro: @aldochaparro

Once you see what these incredible artists are posting on their Instagram feeds, you'll never look at your friends' photos the same way again. Especially those duck-face selfies! And don't forget to follow us @IvoryRow