Fresh out of the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, Kim Gordon hitched a ride to New York with fellow artist Mike Kelley. By 1981, she had founded the band Sonic Youth with her now ex-husband Thurston Moore. Still, she never stopped pursuing her love of art, inviting Gerhard Richter and Kelley to do album covers, making her own installations and paintings, and commissioning video works (including Phil Morrison’s 1995 “faux-Godardian video” for Gordon’s X-Girl fashion line, starring a then unknown Chloe Sevigny.)

Somehow, between writing a memoirbeing in a new band, and appearing on the new season ofGirls Kim Gordon has now also found the time to do a big art show at white columns -- which was the first gallery to give her a solo exhibition back in 1981. Called Design Office with Kim Gordon – Since 1980, it will feature photographs, writings, videos, paintings and sculptures produced by Gordon between 1980 and the present, as well as a new limited-edition vinyl solo recording of Gordon's to accompany the exhibition.

The show will run at White Columns in New York until October 19.