This week, the New York Botanical Garden announced that “Four Seasons” — Philip Haas‘ show of four Giuseppe Arcimboldo-inspired sculptures of giant busts, each one representing the harvest of a different season — will be sticking around through the fall, winter, and into the very beginning of spring 2014, before being uprooted and planted at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in May. The exhibition was originally scheduled to end its New York run on October 27.

As a result of the exhibition’s extension, visitors to the verdant Bronx institutions will actually have the opportunity to see Haas’ “Four Seasons” in all four seasons.

This greatly-appreciated extension will also allow new visitors and art lovers who have not yet experienced these magnificent and monumental sculptures by one of the finest contemporary artists to witness them in person for the first time.

“I embarked upon the ‘Four Seasons’ project wanting to re-contextualize Arcimboldo’s 16th-century nature imagery within the 21st-century physical world, through changes in scale, material, and dimensionality,” Haas added in a statement. “With the extension of the exhibition for another six months, another transformation will occur to alter and enrich the viewer’s perspective—the passage of time, the play of light and weather on the sculptures.”