Instagram's Most Stylish Dogs

Instagram has always been a favorite of the fashion world. We love following our favorite brands, models, fashion editors, and stylists to see how they throw their looks and images together. 

Well, as it turns out, some of the best dressed people on Instagram aren't even people. They're dogs!

Of course, clothing one’s dog is nothing new. Artist William Wegman has been dressing up and photographing his Weimaraners dogs for decades – one of them, Man Ray, was even voted the Village Voice’s “Man of the Year” in 1982.

But today's dog style has gone beyond fierce. It's absolutely rabid. Check out the latest wave of sartorial dogstagrammers. They might just be able to teach you a trick or two!

If we put Lil Jon and Lil Wayne together... Do we get a full size John Wayne?? #ProfoundCorgi

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Looking good is half the game ⛳️ #GolfTip

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DOGS OF NORMCORE #dogsofnormcore #ootd #toypoodle #tbt #cutepics #streetstyle #fashion #instadogs #blackwhite

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