IR Edit: How To Wear Burgundy

Just like the wine from which it gets its name, burgundy is a color that should be savored.

We've been seeing burgundy on some of our favorite fashionistas over the past few seasons (and especially during this most recent NY Fashion Week.) And it is actually a bit of a surprise that it hasn’t had its moment in the fashion spotlight sooner. After all, while we love seeing the head-to-toe burgundy look with variations in texture, this is a color that works well with almost any other hue on the color wheel. It's also flattering on most skin tones and the choice to go with burgundy, rather than a more traditional color, also says a lot about the person wearing it.

Those who chose to wear burgundy like to take refined risks with their fashion. It's a color that doesn't bring up any immediate connotations, which makes it all the more attractive as you can imbue the color with your own personal sartorial perspective.

So go on and invest in a bit of burgundy. It'll look great on you!