The Ivory Row Weekend Guide

Ballet 422

Documentarian Jody Lee Lipes has crafted an incredibly intimate film providing a rare peek into the world of professional ballet. The film shadows Justin Peck, the 25-year-old choreographer of the New York City Ballet, as he undertakes the Herculean task of creating an original piece while also fulfilling his role as a Corps de Ballet member. Lipes chronicles Peck’s creative process from its embryonic stages to its highly anticipated premiere, quietly observing as he balances a roster of musicians, designers, and dancers from this famed institution. For anyone with a love of ballet movies (Billy Elliot, Black Swan,and our favorite Center StageBallet 422 is a must-see!

Opens February 6. Ballet 422


The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

In four short weeks, this debut psychological thriller by Paula Hawkins has catapulted to the top of the NY Times best seller list. A slow-building suspense novel that hinges on a young woman’s disappearance, the book pulls off a thriller’s toughest trick: carefully assembling everything we thought we knew until it reveals the one thing we didn’t see coming. Much like Gone Girl, this gripping and inventive thriller features complex women who aren’t purely victims or vixens while, at the same time, providing readers with a captivating story of love, lust, marriage and divorce. This thinking girl’s crime story is sure to be one of the best debut books of the year. 

Now available on Amazon

Natalie Prass by Natalie Prass

Another incredible debut performance arrives via Nashville-based singer-songwriter Natalie Prass. Relaying stories of longing and relationship grief through nine expertly crafted songs, Prass reminds of what it’s like to be young, in love, and broken. Backed on several songs by a 36-piece band filled with brass instruments and woodwinds, Prass’ voice (which has been compared to everyone from Janet Jackson to Kate Bush to Emmylou Harris) creates an orchestral symphony that sounds almost uplifting. There’s something magical and gossamer about her sound. That’s what makes this album hard to stop listening to. A tremendous debut and hopefully an indication of more great things to come.

Listen to the entire album on Spotify.

The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore

It’s not easy succeeding one of the true comic geniuses of the past decade. However, just three weeks after inheriting Stephen Colbert's time slot, Larry Wilmore has already proven that he is more than ready for the spotlight. His sharp wit, incisive commentary, and fearless questioning make this one of the most intelligent shows on TV. Rather than ask softball questions about a celebrity’s latest project, Wilmore doesn’t pull punches. He’s already taken on everyone from Bill Cosby to Al Sharpton to Morgan Spurlock. What we like about Wilmore aside from his humor is that he’s a free thinker, ideologically unpredictable, and comes across as a guy who asks all the right questions but doesn’t pretend to know all the answers.

Broadcasts nightly at 11:30 on Comedy Central