Please Feed the Model

We've always been somewhat fascinated by Dana Drori. After all, how many other models have graduated with an honors B.A. in English Literature? Or had their own column in BlackBook Magazine? And carved out an impressive NYC career as both a working model and freelance writer? 

So we were thrilled to learn this week that she's recently launched an online food magazine, Aftertastes, devoted to exploring the relationship between food and storytelling, memories and meals. 

Drori cites as inspiration for the project everything from a meditation on hummus in the cult cookbook "Jerusalem" to the style anthology "Women in Clothes." And she gleaned words of wisdom from restaurant critic Josh Ozersky's NY Observer editorial that rallied against the faddishness of food writing. "He was talking about how food blogs dominate the restaurant industry, and if you're not the 'it' thing anymore, no one is paying attention to you," Drori recalls. "I don't like food writing reduced to that." She says she's instead influenced by the more introspective writing in the New Yorker's annual for issue and wants to create an environment that foster such emotion every week of the year. 

In the 'Essays' section, writers recall their most memorable meals. In 'Recipes', the narrative and preparation notes unfold together, the story emerging from the recipe's structure. 'Kitchens' features profiles of creative people—some in the food world, some not—who like to cook, and the stories found among their culinary objects and ingredients.

We can't wait to dig into it all.