The Rookie: Tavi

Tavi Gevinson has already accomplished incredible success both as a pre-teen fashion blogger and editor of her girl-power magazine Rookie. So great is her talent and ambition, we wouldn't have been surprised if she eventually had become the editor-in-chief at Vogue.

Instead, at the tender age of 18, the young fashion veteran has chosen to embark on a third career as an actress and we couldn't be more pleasantly surprised. She first came across our radar last year when cast in the film "Enough Said" (a supremely touching film starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and the late James Gandolfini.) Though it was a small role, Tavi more than held her own against the two veteran actors. 

Last night, we saw Tavi make her extraordinary Broadway debut in the revival of Kenneth Longeran's incredible play "This Is Our Youth" (also starring Kieran Culkin and Michael Cera.) The play centered around three young lost souls in 1980's New York deals with angst, depression, loneliness, and beginnings. As the complicated Jessica, Tevinson brilliantly portrays a young woman who is smart but protected and afraid. Whether standing perfectly still or dancing awkwardly, Gevinson captures not just our interest but also our full attention. We left the theater amazed by her sheer talent and can't wait to see what life brings next for this incredible young woman. 

This Is Our Youth is now in previews and opens on September 11.