Fashion Designer Creates Gorgeous Illustrations With Real Flowers

Grace Ciao is a 22-year-old artist from Singapore who uses a unique style in her fashion illustrations. Instead of using watercolours, ink, fabric, or other conventional means, she preserves the beauty of dying flower petals by transforming them into clothing sketches. This way, the petals become not only gorgeous substitutes for lines, curves, and colors, but also become a source of inspiration themselves, introducing new kinds of forms and textures to her clothing designs.

Although she was interested in fashion design since she was a little girl, Ciao only recently came up with the idea of using flower petals in her work. The thought came to her when she wanted to preserve the beauty of a dying rose that she got from a boy. The discovery helped her realize the aesthetic and artistic advantages of this original use of petals.

Ciao currently studies at business school, but she constantly works on new fashion illustrations as a freelancer, creating designs for everyday clothing, bridal wear, and haute couture.We can't wait to see what she has in store as new flowers come into bloom.

Source: | Instagram (via)