Cancer-Stricken Dad Walks Daughter Down The Aisle

Walking their daughters down the aisle at their weddings is a special joy for fathers. But Jim Zetz, 62, has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He's unlikely to live much longer. His daughter, Josie, is 11. So he probably won't get to attend her wedding.

Celebrity photographer Lindsey Villatoro had taken the Zetz family’s final portraits together but wanted to do more, so she reached out to friends to see if anyone was willing to donate their time and resources to help make Josie’s last birthday with her dad as special as they could. 23 people responded and the night before the big day, Villatoro let them in on the secret — Josie’s birthday party was going to include a wedding.

The family conducted a lovely ceremony. The presiding minister pronounced them "father and daughter," and Zetz presented his daughter with a promise ring. Thanks to the amazing generosity of Villatoro and her friends, Jim was able to walk his little girl down the aisle and give Josie and her mom, Grace, a sweet memory to carry with them forever…