Romantic Photos of Gay Couples Around the World

The recent swell of anti-gay legislation in places as disparate as Arizona, Michigan, Kansas, Russia, and Uganda appalls us to no end. Whether under the guise of religion, homophobia, or pure hatred, we stand united in our support of gay and lesbian rights. Discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation should be a relic of the past. 

In the spirit of tolerance and inclusiveness, we're proud to feature the work of New York artist Braden Summers, who has been traveling around the globe to create a beautiful photo series representing romantic scenes exclusively with gay couples. The photographs in the Kickstarter-funded “All Love Is Equal” project show a non-stereotypical representation of gay couples in iconic romantic scenes that were shot in 6 weeks and in six different countries: the UK, France, India, Lebanon, Brazil and the U.S.

When thinking of iconic romance, ask yourself if any imagery (paintings, photographs, film-stills) comes to mind that is not showing heterosexual couples? Probably not,” points out Summers, who identifies himself as gay.

A large driving force behind creating this series was actually less about affecting the gay community directly, and more about giving the general population a way to relate to gay imagery which is devoid of sex, victimization, or banality – themes that might usually prevent some folks from connecting,” writes Summers. “The photographs are not documentations, they are dreamy illustrations of what open expressions of love in different cultures *could* look like in the future, more accepting time.

Summers is eager to continue the project, travelling around the globe to expand our understanding of the beauty and diversity of love.

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