The coolest things to hear, see, click, hear, and wear this weekend...

Haim and Lorde’s amazing cover of Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough” 

VH1’s "You Ought Know" is a series highlighting emerging artists. Adele, Bruno Mars, Gotye, and Sara Bareilles are just a handful of the superstars discovered by them. A few weeks ago, they hosted a concert featuring performances from up-and-coming musicians. Towards the end of the show, Lorde joined Haim onstage for an unexpected and amazing cover of Sheryl Crow’s iconic “Strong Enough” that absolutely brought the entire house down.

The show was broadcast on VH1 last night. Listen to the amazing cover here.

Is The Man Who is Too Tall Happy?: An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky  

Director Michel Gondry applies his playful imagination to animating a series of conversations with esteemed linguist, philosopher, and activist Noam Chomsky about his theory of the emergence of language. In this intellectual feast, Gondry uses drawings to make complex ideas more accessible. Blissfully unconventional, the film won’t tell you everything you’ve always wanted to know about Mr. Chomsky, but its modesty is one of its strengths, along with Mr. Gondry’s amazing illustrations.

Opens Friday in Manhattan (it scored an incredible 92 out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes)


Life is Meals: A Food Lover’s Days by James and Kay Salter

From author James Salter and his wife comes a charming food lover’s companion that, with an entry for each day of the year, takes us from a Twelfth Night cake in January to a champagne dinner on New Year’s Eve. Life Is Meals is rich with culinary wisdom, history, recipes, and literary pleasures. Favorite chapters include the menu on the Titanic on the fatal night, John Irving’s meatball recipe, and reflections on dining from Queen Victoria, JFK, Winnie the Pooh, Garrison Keillor and many others. 
Paperback version just released here
The most heart-warming thing you’ll see all weekend.

Ward Miles Miller is a happy 16-month-old boy who likes chasing the family dog and slurping smoothies. Born 15 weeks prematurely, he weighed not quite a pound and a half, and required a host of machines to keep him alive during his 107-day stay in the hospital’s NICU. His parents didn’t know whether he would survive. Now a short video of Ward’s first year, created by his dad as a gift for his mom, is serving as a testament to the boy’s fighting spirit. It’s both magical and beautiful. 
Watch it here