We don't usually post "fashion" stories on the Ivory Row blog but for Betty Halbreich, we're willing to make an exception. Bergdorf Goodman’s legendary personal shopper and surprising star of this year’s Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s documentary, has now brought her sharp, acerbic to Tumblr.

The Tumblr, called “Betty Knows Best,” features quotations pulled from the movie, various public interviews and Halbreich’s book, as well as one-liners jotted down each day by her assistant. It's like spending an afternoon with your favorite aunt. 

The Tumblr functions like a quote generator: For every click, you get a new picture of Halbreich and one of her sayings. Among our favorite quotes? “My hands have never touched a computer," "I've never worn a pair of blue jeans in my life. I've tried them on. Behind closed doors. They're very uncomfortable." "There are different ways to be yourself. How about using your brain and working your way down?" and “What to take to Paris? How about a roll of money.” More will be added over time.

At 86, Halbreich may be Tumblr’s oldest user — as well as its wittiest. The Tumblr was developed to promote the documentary, now available on DVD and on Netflix.