Today, we learned about an amazing skateboarding school in Afghanistan where 40% of its students are female.

Skateistan is an organization using skateboarding as a tool for empowerment. Focusing especially on young girls and working children, the NGO seeks to create new opportunities by providing access to education and developing leadership opportunities, while building friendships, trust, and social capital. 

Skateistan was founded by Australian skater Oliver Percovich, who first visited Afghanistan in 2007 with three skateboards in tow. It didn’t take long before he was surrounded by children eager to learn how to skate and his mission became clear. Since then, Olly has permanently relocated to Kabul and dedicated his life to creating Skateistan, which is now a fully-functioning school where children can not only come to learn in a brand new skatepark facility, but in classrooms where they can choose to explore anything from creative arts to environmental health.

Oliver’s hope is to break the cycle of violence that the children are surrounded by in their hometown and give them the tools and passions they’ll need to change their future. Find out how you can HELP support this incredible ground-breaking mission.