The City That Rarely Sleeps


One of the things that we love most about our hometown NYC is its incredible vibrancy and energy. No matter what time of day (or night), you need only walk right outside your door to feel it. The hustle. The bustle. We absolutely love it. 

That's why the recent snow storm that threatened to paralyze the city was such a shock. While it wasn't enough to shut the city down, it did clear out the crowds as many people decided to hunker down and stay home. 

Naturally, this made it the perfect time to shoot a rarely-ever empty New York City. Who better to capture this fleeting moment than our fellow native New Yorker Vivienne Gucwa? Vivienne has been capturing the energy of the city through her lens.  She's behind the recently released NY Through the Lens, a 192 paperback book that Yahoo News described as "filled with beautiful images that capture the color, vibrancy, artistry and uniqueness of New York City."

Speaking of shooting during this snow storm, Vivienne said:

"I've been photographing New York City during snowstorms for the last five years and it's the first time I have ever experienced streets that were eerily empty. There wasn't even the comforting presence of taxi cabs in the streets!"

"New York City is a city that is constantly evolving in one way or the other. Having grown up in New York City, there is a palpable tension that I have experienced my whole life where nostalgia constantly bumps heads with the rapid rate of change that occurs in every aspect of life here. I absolutely love this tension. It makes photographing and writing about the city a bittersweet challenge."