The Ivory Row Blizzard Survival Guide

If you're anywhere on the east coast, you’re probably glued to the Weather Channel keeping an eye on the storm.

You’ve hit the grocery store. Schools have already been closed. All the local stores have shut down. And everybody from Al Roker to the State Governor is telling you to stay off the roads and ride out the storm at home.

So, what do you do now? 
At Ivory Row, we like to joke that we’re indoor cats. Any time a storm hits, the last place you’ll find us is outdoors making a snowman, having a snowball fight, or taking the kids sledding. We’ll gladly “like” all the photos of you doing those things on Instagram but if you need to reach us, we’ll be right over here on the couch. 
Here’s our guide of fun things to do in a blizzard:
Drink Alcohol
It'll give you something to do and you'll also stay warm. Open that bottle of Bordeaux. Mix yourself an Old Fashioned. Pour yourself a little Sherry. Just be sure to stay inside. As Chelsea Handler likes to say, "The most important thing is to be drunk.”
While we'd we love to order a bunch of soup dumplings from our favorite Chinese restaurant, we worry about delivery guys being on the icy roads. So instead, we try out those amazing recipes that a friend shared ages ago but we never prepared. One of our favorite things to experience during a storm is filling the house with a great aroma. Preferably one involving the combination of carbs and cheese.  
Play A Game
Is there really anything more fun than a friends + family game night? We’re suckers for old-school board games like Clue. However, it really doesn’t matter what the game is. Cards, a Wii game, Pictionary, online karaoke? 
Just because you’re snowed in doesn’t mean that you can’t get things done. Heck, there’s a lot you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. Like binge watch all those TV shows that you’ve been missing. You'll be glad to hear that Netflix currently has some great shows that are perfect for binge watching. We recently discovered some great ones from the UK: Check out MI-5 (think “24” but smarter), The Fall (a sexy thriller) or Black Mirror (an amazing series showing the dark side of life and technology).
Have sex
Years from now, a group of children will learn that the reason that they’re around is because their parents were stuck indoors during a major storm and decided to have tons of sex. They’ll also realize why so many of them are named Juno. 

In all seriousness, this is a major storm so please be careful and smart. Stay off the roads and stay indoors. Be safe!