How To Travel Like a Pro


With summer in full swing, wanderlust fever is sure to follow. Whether you're jetting off to the Italian Riviera for some fun and sun or going on a family trip before the kids start school, travel in the modern era can be a source of stress. No worries! We've got you covered with some handy tips to help you travel like a pro. 

Find The Best Fare

The days of calling a travel agent are long gone. However, the advent of online travel sites has created an avalanche of info. How can you ever be sure you're getting the best rate possible? Of all the online booking sites, we generally like Hipmunk the best. Their stylish interface makes rate comparisons simple and easy to use. However, if cheap air travel is all that matters, check out Routehappy, a newcomer to the air travel industry that claims to find you the lowest possible price. 

Keep Your Socks On

Nothing has dimmed the glamour of travel more than getting through security. Is there anything worse than the endless security lines, littered with confused passengers rifling for their liquids among unmentionables as they disrobe in public? The TSA Pre-Check is a game changer. For $85, you go through an application process that gets you access to designated security lines (read:short and fast) and you're allowed to keep electronics and toiletries inside your luggage. Best of all, outfits stay put: your belt, jacket, and sweater - and most importantly, your shoes - are not coming off!

Travel With Care

Whether you're jetting off to some exotic location or just flying home for a family reunion, you're going to need some beauty products to get you through the journey. No need to stress about what miniature items you're going to pack in a giant ziploc bag. Just head over to Net-A-Porter. The luxury retailer has released the limited-edition Glossy Box. Tucked inside the kit is a beautifully-curated collection of eight luxurious beauty products that's perfect no matter where you're going. 

Stay Fit

If you workout regularly, travel can wreak havoc on your fitness goals. Whether you're a gym rat, pilates junkie or Soul Cycle addict, it can be pretty stressful breaking away from your normal routine. That's why whenever we hit the road, we make sure to throw a couple of Ballet Beautiful DVDs in our suitcase. These DVDs featuring professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers (who personally trains many of the Victoria's Secret models) are perfect for a quick cardio burn or a total full-body workout. 

Beat Jet Lag

There's nothing worse than trying to fight off jet lag. Scientists estimate that, for every hour of travel spent on a plane, it takes one day for your body to fully recover. However, a new app could help solve that problem. Entrain uses mathematical equations to predict when you should be snoozing. All you have to do is tell the app which time zone you're entering, and it does all the fancy calculations for you. It will create a schedule indicating when to stay in bright light, low light, or complete darkness. We're not sure how it works but it does! 

Travel in Style

Ivory Row cashmere sweaters are luxuriously soft, comfortable, and stylish. They're perfect for looking chic in the airport lounge and staying warm on those chilly plane rides. Layer them with a tank top and a pair of leggings or jeans. 

Bon voyage!