The Ivory Row Weekend Guide

Our guide to the coolest and smartest things to see, read, and hear during your weekend. This week, be sure to take some time and check out the latest from the gorgeous Dan Stevens, the hilarious Anthony Anderson, the brilliant Caitlin Moran, and the incredibly talented Jhene Aiko.  

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Collaboration: Ballet Beautiful

We're proud to announce our limited-edition, ballet-inspired cashmere collection with Mary Helen Bowers. Dance and fashion have always been inexorably linked with one another. Given the aesthetic nature of each art form, it's not surprising that, when the two worlds collide, the resulting combination is beautiful, graceful, sophisticated and elegant. 

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The Rookie: Tavi

Tavi Gevinson has already accomplished incredible success both as a pre-teen fashion blogger and editor of her girl-power magazine Rookie. So great is her talent and ambition, we wouldn't have been surprised if she eventually had become the editor-in-chief at Vogue.

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